To achieve the best possible result from your dry curl by curl haircut and style please ensure you follow the pre appointment do’s, don’ts and aftercare tips below (Failure to follow the do and don’t instructions could result in an added prep work fee, cancellation or negatively affect the final result of your haircut).

  • DON'TS

    • 0 1 : Come in with severely tangled or 3 – 7 day unwashed hair.
    • 0 2 : Use grips, clips or other hair accessories.
    • 0 3 : Put your hair up before the appointment. Come to the appointment with your hair down.
    • 0 4 : Wear scarves, headbands, sunglasses or headwear.
    • 0 5 : Come to an appointment with hair which has been taken out of braids the day or night before.


  • DO'S

    • 0 1 : Ensure your hair has been freshly washed the night or day before and allow your hair to air dry naturally.
    • 0 2 : If you co wash please ensure scalp and hair have been washed with shampoo.
    • 0 3 : Ensure hair is completely dry.
    • 0 4 : Style your hair with your usual products but nothing too oily, greasy, excessive or hard gel.
    • 0 5 : If you wear your hair in a twist out, come with a fresh one. No more than 2 days old.
    • (Two-day hair is acceptable as long as it hasn’t been pulled, put up or contained in a hat.)



    • 0 1 : COMING SOON

“I thought I knew my hair after 30 years of dealing with it but I really didnt until I went to Kizzy, she literally transformed my curls.”




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